Manha Yusuf and Laiba Yusuf are co-founders of this non-profit incorporated organization and are passionately involved in a long list of philanthropic activities raising awareness of effects of systemic racism on mental health, its importance and enriching the community with new initiatives to relieve poverty, hunger and end mental trauma. Supporting various non profit organizations and multi-racial community in need since 2018, this organization provides fresh food security, mental health supports, educational resources, reducing poverty and homelessness in the York region and beyond.  Various fundraisers and small grants in this campaign raised total of $51,953.00 in financial and in kind donations since 2018 and provided to York region and beyond through services and funds.


Introducing new mental health initiatives to provide poverty relief, food security, access to educational resources and training, programs focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion and mental health among all population regardless of race, age, or religion. Additionally, implement educational programs and new initiatives focused on reducing effects of mental trauma caused by systemic racism among multi-racial, indigenous, low income youth and adults, and homeless population.


Empower communities to thrive, succeed and obtain good mental health.

Fresh Food Security Program

Fresh food including fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat provided biweekly to multi-racial, low income, adults, youth at risk and homeless population of all race and religion. Serving over 3000 pounds of food each month to over 700 individuals in need.

Educational Resources & Training

Educational resources such as course text books, new backpacks full of school supplies, reading materials, art supplies provided to children, youth, adults and homeless population to help them succeed through their path to education. Free tutoring sessions provided and individually scheduled. Over 800 backpacks full of school supplies provided since 2019.

Programs focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Mental Health

Various programs to recover from mental health treatment, reduce anxiety, depression and gain confidence to succeed on their way to recovery. Various counseling sessions for multi-racial, youth, adults, seniors of all backgrounds and religions.

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